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"My name is Matthew Flannagan and I'm a local theologian and philosopher, and I had the privilege a few years ago of meeting Eric, he contacted me and said that he follows some of my work and we had a really good meeting at a cafe in West Auckland. I have been very impressed with his devotion and his commitment to his studies and what he's learning and how he wants to minister and use it for the kingdom of God."

- Dr. Matthew Flannagan, Theologian and Philosopher.

"I’m very pleased to endorse the apologetics ministry of Eric George. Eric is well-studied across philosophy, theology, and the social sciences. He brings an enthusiasm and sense of humour to his teaching and interactions, always encouraging people. I’ve seen Eric communicate effectively with both youth and academics, and look forward to seeing him speak and write more in future. "

- Zachary Ardern – biology PhD candidate, & speaker for Thinking Matters NZ.

Again, I do appreciate your work and your academic insights. I hope that one day we will be able to utilize them even more to our advantage and to the glory of God."

- Dr. David Srygley - Director, Master of Theological Studies, Assessment and Compliance Officer, NationsU.

"A-hub is a fine starting point for people dipping their toes into apologetics."

- Matthew Su - Philosophy and Law Student, Macquarie University.

"Eric has been a huge help in terms of teaching me about apologetics. In terms of his teaching skills, he is not only able to teach apologetics comprehensively, but he teaches apologetics to a level in which students like myself are able to understand what is being taught. He makes sure that as a tutor, that the student (like myself) is able to get something out of each lesson and is able to fully understand what is being taught in depth. Eric has excellent teaching skills, exceptional interpersonal skills, and is easy to get along with and talk too."

- Issac Tui - Anthropology Student, University of Auckland.

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